About Sarah

I am an energetic, life loving artist who has traveled the oceans from my homeland of Aotearoa, New Zealand to land bam, smack, in the middle of Waikikamukau, America.

I have been painting for over 9 years, mostly with watercolours, though occasionally with acrylics, inks and additional gold leaf. I enjoy painting people as my primary subject. I sell paintings and commissions online but also have work hanging in multiple galleries, and show internationally on an annual basis. I also like to attend major art festivals, where in the spring and fall I get to pack up my tent, travel, and meet exciting new artists and clients.

When I am not busy painting, I spend my time running, or playing with my incredibly awesome 8 year old son. Throw in his pet rabbit, Kiwi Ziggy Fuzzbutt, and it's the perfect paint-splashing, pop-dancing, electrical-cord eating trio.